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81% of browsing takes pace away from the desktop. As a result we browse in many different environments and situations. These 'Browsing Situations' increasingly influence how audiences interact with digital content.

'Browsing Situations' like; how relaxed or stressed we are, environmental distractions, emotional energy, how much time we have, the speed, strength and security of our data connection, all now have increasing influence on how we engage.

A hassled parent rushing their kids to school, dealing with the uncertainty of post lockdown protocols and steeling a ‘sneaky peek’ to look at social media, has a higher stress level and less time than the same parent 90 minutes later browsing, whilst enjoying a ‘relaxed coffee’, and recuperating after a busy morning.

In one situation the right brand message may resonate well with the stressful situation, whereas in the other the parent has time to engage with that brand more. Both have their merits but they may require different messaging and media channels.

Each time we browse our browsing situation is different, and the way we engage with online content, changes with each different browsing situation. This is why Situational Targeting is a key influencer of audience engagement.

Situational Targeting

Our proprietary Situational Targeting Technology uses over 1.1bn data points to create 320 identifiable Situational Segments. These Situational Segments allow us to activate digital audiences using real world browsing behaviour, identifying over 5.5m daily situational audience journeys and targeting audiences according to their browsing situation.

Using our proprietary situational segments, we help brands and their agencies understand, activate and optimise situational audiences across digital, OOH, mobile, social and programmatic, providing measurable results through attribution and analysis.

How we work with clients and agencies

We work, with advertisers internal teams or with their Agencies, to fit seamlessly with existing media buying processes and deliver Situational Analysis, Activation and Attribution. Our technology integrates with Integral Ad Science for fraud prevention and brand safety, and with Adloox, DoubleVerify, Oracle Moat, and Kochava to provide independent attribution and measurement.

We live by a simple equation. The right message, in the right place, at the right time will find the right people - if the right data has been used in the right way!

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Situational Segments activate digital audiences at scale to produce measurable results.



The right message at the right time, in the right place, will find the right people - if the right data has been used, in the right way.

We help brands and agencies UNDERSTAND, ACTIVATE and OPTIMISE contextual audiences across digital, OOH, mobile, social and programmatic.

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