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the relationship between consumers, data and brands.


Find audiences that really matter

Identify and understand audiences that really matter to you.

Discover insights that drive true consumer engagement.

Generate audience segments to underpin differentiated engagement strategies.

Deliver compelling brand experiences

Weave data engagement into your campaign to form a ‘win-win data relationship’ with your audience.

Deploy data-fuelled differentiated engagement strategies.

Engage consumers pre, during and post campaign.

Re-invigorate your prospect database

Generate actionable strategic information.

Bring dormant prospects into your data eco-system.

Incentivise opted-out customers to re-engage.

Identify and permission cross-sales prospects.

Access our pre-existing ecosystem

Promote your offer to our existing audience on mymyne.com.

Generate a new audience.

Gather detailed market wide intelligence.

A simple proof of concept with no infrastructure or integration required.

COMING SOON the mymyne app incentivises consumers to apply AI powered analysis to their data footprint to generate a profile and select appropriate deals and discounts.


One to one.

mass marketing fuelled by data and digital technology.



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The future is true information-driven marketing....Marketers need to work out what switches people on. In ten years there won't be any agencies left that haven't put data at the heart of their offering

John Regan, Co-founder of Mymyne. Marketing Week, 10th April 2003