Mymyne’s digital media avoids the use of cookies, device IDs or personally identifiable information offering a long term solution to the privacy crunch.

Our targeting can be deployed globally or at country level to access in excess of 500m people.

Audiences are deployed into your DSP of choice and activated programmatically across mobile, OOH, CTV, and desktop.

Situational Audiences

We use over 1bn data points to identify audiences based on their browsing environment or ‘situation’ to deliver the right content, at the right time, in the right place, and on the right device, to maximise campaign effectiveness.

Each ‘situational segment’ uses a unique combination of ‘engagement factors’ like browsing environment, data connection, focus and stress levels to predict how audiences engage.

Attitudinal Audiences

Mymyne attitudinal audience segments provide a combination of scale and precise targeting for first party or prospect audience activation. Our segments are constantly being developed and cover a range of trends and product areas ranging from COVID retail returners to Electric Vehicle Advocates.

Demographic Audiences

Accessed through your DSP or provided as a managed service.

Mymyne is constantly researching and deploying privacy first data sources to support client campaigns. The source of this data ranges from public domain information, such as property details, home moving, Government data like ONS or petitions and third party permissioned data (with a clear audit trail).

Bespoke Audiences

Our team of data scientists can work with you to combine our unique data sources with advanced modelling techniques to The content of create bespoke probabilistic and deterministic targeting solutions.

Contextual Audiences

The site or app where media appears is paramount to ensuring the brand message is effective. The reason for someone being in that digital location is also directly connected to their propensity to act on, or engage with that message.

Mymyne regularly audits its supply partners and employs industry leading brand safety technology to ensure that both the browsing purpose and content optimise the performance of a campaign.